ArtrA is a unique 3D Asset Integrity Management system.  Access data on any plant asset via a 3D graphical interface, instantly.

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What is ArtrA?

Our solution uniquely links a 3D model to asset information in an intuitive interface, enabling users to accurately explore, track, and manage project and plant information using powerful linking, reporting and visualisation.

Use the slider below to interact with our 3D model and view asset data within this power station.

Move the scroll bar in the bottom left of the screen to interact with the 3D model.

Documentation and data for any object within a plant can be easily stored, retrieved and utilised from within the 3D plant model.

With ArtrA, the 3D model becomes an invaluable method of accessing plant maintenance records.

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    ArtrA is the visual interface to multiple disparate engineering systems

    ArtrA provides seamless information links between the multiple engineering systems required to maintain complex plant implementations.  ArtrA enables the relevant information to be provided in the relevant format for the job at hand and through its mobile capability can deliver complex data from expensive back end systems directly to the hands of the engineer for the task at hand.

    NDT & NDE Inspections

    NDT & NDE Inspections

    - Radiographic Testing
    - Ultrasonic Testing
    - Magnetic Particle Testing
    - Visual Inspections Hardness Reports

    Data & Document Control

    Data & Document Control

    - Central point of access for all users
    - Consistent delivery of data
    - E-documents available instantly
    - Knowledge Portal/Register

    Plant & Asset Operational History

    Plant & Asset Operational History

    - Equipment Registers
    - Fault History
    - Overall Equipment Effectiveness
    - Maintenance Procedures & Records

    Safety Management & Compliance

    Safety Management & Compliance

    - Permits to work
    - Area Classification
    - Regulatory Compliance
    - Access Rights
    - PPE Registers

    Maintenance & Outage Planning

    Maintenance & Outage Planning

    - 3D Landscape Planning
    - Graphical view
    - Effective equipment use across zones
    - Risk Analysis
    - PPE & Equipment planning

    Certification & O&M Manuals

    Certification & O&M Manuals

    - Manufacturer Asset Data
    - Multi-Discipline Certification
    - Operational Manuals
    - Servicing Records & Requirements

    Industry issues

    Power generation plants are unique, complex environments, yet they share similar challenges in remaining commercially effective.

    Lost revenue from outage of a one gigawatt plant could reach £1 million per day*

    ArtrA adds a third dimension to maintenance planning which can help to reduce the length of planned outages.

    Regular maintenance and major equipment replacement jobs have increased 60% in the last six years*

    As power plants age, the requirement to collect paper-based testing records grows: some plants have reported 80 tonne paper stacks. ArtrA removes the need for paper-based record keeping.

    At an ageing plant, outages take slightly longer, and there is more work to do to make sure it is in top condition.  Safety comes ahead of anything else**

    With a greater workload during outages, it becomes even more important to plan work effectively. ArtrA can help in the battle against declining profitability.

    * Source: Reuters  **Source: spokeswoman for EDF Energy in the UK

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    Above, reporting on inspection data, including wall thickness, can be done with colour reference. Here, a change in the pipe's wall thickness property indicates a defect which is reflected in the colour of the pipe. This can be used to identify the assets most at risk or in need of maintenance.

    Asset data in ArtrA is easily accessed and updated. If in the field, mobile tablets can be used to sync readings from equipment to assess wall thickness etc.

    With ArtrA you can Import and export files to and from MS Excel, and can open, import and merge all major file formats.

    Data associated with an asset is attached to it's correlating piece within your 3D model. Accessing data is as simple as clicking the asset and viewing the documents associated with it.

    Within ArtrA, object searches can be completed simply to find anything from a specific asset or line, to all instances of a particular type. In the example above, the search is for elbows and ArtrA searches and displays all relevant objects, making everything else transparent.

    On-site barcodes can be scanned and their corresponding virtual asset shown on field devices ensuring the right asset is being looked at. The user can then conduct field tests, such as assess the wall thickness, and the result will be automatically attached to the asset within the model.

    In the image above, a portal has been setup for automated reading of the RFID tags. As transport vehicles carrying many items pass through the portal, the tags are read and the status is sent to the ArtrA database and the model is colour coded to show the location or status.

    Within ArtrA, object searches can be completed simply to find anything from a specific asset or line, to all instances of a particular type. In the example above, the search is for elbows and ArtrA searches and displays all relevant objects, making everything else transparent.

    Within ArtrA, each weld can be searched, selected and interrogated for information. Attached to each weld, you can add reports, photographs, notes and more. This data is easily accessible via the search function or through interaction with the model itself.

    Each asset can be selected and reported on revealing both the status of any upcoming maintenance, associated reports, dimensions, locations within the building and much more.

    ArtrA links with the leading design packages.

    Access vital information from your Building Management System through the ArtrA interface.

    Integrate your internal/external DMS with the ArtrA model and access all your information from a single point. The ArtrA solution integrates with most standard systems, including: Microsoft Sharepoint and business collaborator, giving you and your team access to the information you need, when you need it most.

    ArtrA understands your business may need spreadsheets and has simplified the input and output of data to help you get the results you need. With Artra you can easily output model data to a spreadsheet, input spreadsheet data to the Artra database and output Artra data to a spreadsheet.

    ArtrA has the capability to work natively in any windows device for both facilitating both on & offline capability. The use of all other smart devices is facilitated via vpn connectivity.


    Engineering Information

    Managing engineering information white paper

    Plant inspection

    Inspection and testing of pressure equipment

    ArtrA product guide

    Features and description of the ArtrA product


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