Asset Lifecycle Management
3D Facilities Management

ArtrA is a world leading 3D Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) system for the AEC industry. It uses a Building Information Model (BIM) to manage all the information and documentation needed to run the maintenance aspects of a building over its lifecycle.


Multi discipline asset lifecycle informationDatabase & Scope
ArtrA is a database management system with a graphical front-end that manages all the processes, information and documentation needed for asset lifecycle management of facilities and buildings. Its scope encompasses all the physical aspects of a building including its structure, its fit-out fixtures fittings and equipment, and its building services. ArtrA can be used for the entire project lifecycle; i.e. during the design, construction and operation phases. ArtrA is also used for landlord operations such as allocation of spaces, leasing, occupancy tracking etc.


Handover Of Design Information
ArtrA helps to improve the consistency and quality of building information when it is handed over from the design team to the construction team. With ArtrA all the known information and documentation relating to the project and objects/equipment in the model are linked into a single deliverable.


3D Asset Management Building Services
ArtrA has been developed to help O&M teams manage the maintenance of buildings services. Today, as architects and engineers seek to design energy efficient buildings, the maintenance of building services is becoming more sophisticated, and more complex and finely tuned than ever before. As more architects design buildings in 3D and coordination models are becoming commonplace, the standard of M&E information is increasing to the point where the models can be used for effective asset management. ArtrA uses the 3D as-built coordination models and BIMs for asset management by linking all relevant documentation and information to the model and to a SQL database where it can be searched and retrieved. Design information and intelligence, contained in model's attributes, is augmented with installation, operation and maintenance information and documentation that is added to ArtrA’s database. This in its entirety is made accessible on-site through tablet PCs.


Asset lifecycle management - building services3D FM - Rooms & Spaces
O&M staff can use ArtrA to create, add and manage new BIM information and link it to the 3D model via ArtrA’s SQL database. Any amount of information or documentation can be added to the building's rooms & spaces. Using Artra tags for fittings, fixtures and equipment, makes it unnecessary to model every object in the room


Information & Documentation Searches
ArtrA's search facility is used to find 'groups' of common objects or specific items in the building. Some searches are relatively straightforward such as 'find all en-suite bathrooms in all double rooms in the hotel', whilst others will drill down into the information such as 'find all Xpelair bathroom extractor fans serviced prior to June 2010'.


Adding Documents and Intelligence
ArtrA’s SQL database search & find capabilities enable O&M staff to rapidly link information and documentation to the asset model.


Example - Building Services
"The construction team wishes to add a ‘bundle’ of documentation to all the Volume Control Dampers (VCDs) on the HVAC extract system".

In the Archiver tool, a search is defined, saved and run to find all the VCDs which appear in a list. Then, in the Librarian tool, the document bundle is identified before being dragged and dropped onto the results of the search. When the O&M staff subsequently either searches for, or clicks on a VCD, all these documents will appear in a list ready to be reviewed, printed, or emailed.

The same search can be used for maintenance information; a ‘VCD-Maintenance’ tag is defined in the Administrator tool, which contains any number of properties. Some of the properties are populated as CAD or BIM attributes from the model, whilst others containing maintenance information (e.g maintenance company, date inspected, date last inspected, defects etc.) are defined in ArtrA. When an O&M person selects a VCD, a ‘tag-input-form’ will pop up containing its properties and prompting the operative to enter the information required.